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Welcome To My Global History & Geography Web Page


As we appraoch the beginning of another school year, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share world history with you again.  I have done a lot of thinking and re-arranging over the summer in an effort to enliven the curriculum.  It is my intention to have a much more research based approach to the curriulum with students being given the opportunity to be more responsible for their education.  In the field of history, that means asking questions, being actively engaged in the class, and taking advantage of the technology we have on board to work with.  Like anything in this world, you'll get as much out of this course as you put into it..  It can be a challenging and exciting two years, or it could turn into the longest two years of your life.  The study of history is important, and we'll start our year discussing just why this is so.

On the Web page, you will find copies of assignment sheets, review sheets, essay assignments and project details.  It is a "go to place" if you have questions, are absent, of need to contact me.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the email link below. If that link fails, email me at


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