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Course Description:
Students will engage in learning tasks that will emphasize Common Core State Standards reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening. Students will explore the ways that audience, purpose, and context shape oral communication, written communication, and media and technology.

While emphasis is placed on communicating for purposes of personal expression, students also engage in meaningful communication for expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary purposes. Students will be expected to participate in online activities and communication to develop 21st Century skills and literacy.

Course Objectives:
-Express reflections and reactions to literature and to personal experiences.
-Explain meaning, describe processes, and answer research questions.

-Evaluate communication and critique texts.
-Make and support an informed opinion based on textual analysis.
-Participate in conversations about written analysis of literary genres, elements, and traditions.
-Use knowledge of language and standard grammatical conventions.
-Formulate and communicate clear thoughts and objectives through speaking and listening.

Our main goal this year will be the improvement of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills pursuant to the New York State ELA Standards.  We will write in a variety of different ways that incorporate practicing and enhancing the skills needed for the English Regents’ exam as well as learning the skills necessary to perform on the state test at a very high level.  Though the actual NYS ELA Regents exam will not be taken until your junior year, as a class, we will be practicing for it this year.  In the process, I expect to have a lot of fun!


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